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Our Eight Round Weed Control and Fertilization Program

We offer a complete weed control and fertilization program using the best products on the market, ensuring your lawn remains pristine, healthy, and weed free year round.

We also offer a fungal preventative plan, which is one treatment per quarter.  If for any reason there is fungal breakthrough in your lawn, remedy treatments are performed at no cost to you.

Round 1 - Pre-emergent and post-emergent split application (Resolute, Princep and Change-Up).

Round 2 - 18wk 38-0-6 fertilizer application.


Round 3 - Late spring pre-emergent split application (Specticle Flo and Princep).

         -New clients receive Dimension and Change Up to combat current weeds and help prevent continued crabgrass germination    

Round 4 - Summer Weed Management Program (Chemicals as needed based on weed type).

Round 5 - Same as round 4.

Round 6 - Fall Pre-emergent split application (Specticle Flo and Princep).

Round 7 - Fall Pre-emergent split application (Specticle Flo and Princep).

Round 8 - Lime application

* we will treat small areas of dallisgrass (<25sf) and nutsedge (<100sf) as part of our normal program.  Due to cost of post-emergents used to treat these weeds, we do require a separate two treatment program for areas larger than described above.

**bromesedge is a perennial grass that prefers acidic soil.  The only chemical available to treat it is glyphosate which also kills your lawn.  This is a weed that may take a few seasons to eradicate.

***new clients with large stands of Poa Annua (annual bluegrass) will also require an additional treatment if client desires plant eradication before it naturally dies off in late May to early June.

It is important to follow our recommended watering program to help prevent nutsedge from developing large stands and to ensure the longevity of the pre-emergent applied.  Overwatering is as detrimental to your lawn as underwatering.  Many fungal issues are associated with overwatering.

Fungal issues are not included in our eight round program.  We do offer fungal preventatives and remedy treatments.  If using our fungal preventative plan, any fungal issues that may arise are treated at no cost.

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