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At Easy Button Lawn Service we believe our employee's are an extension of our family.  Our pay scheme is listed below and each person's pay is based on position and time with the company.  We are a fast growing company and will have many opportunities for advancement over the coming years. 


We schedule four days of work per week and offer a modified pay for performance model.  Our crews usually finish the week with an average of 36-38 hours in the summer, however we still pay them for 40 hours.  Our maintenance teams and applicators are not salaried, as not paying overtime when earned would be a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), so they receive some of the advantages of a salaried employee while also receiving overtime on the rare occasion it is required.  We also offer a monthly performance bonus equal to 5%-10% of the truck's net revenue, split between the Crew Leader and Assistant Crew Leader.   This also applies to our weed control and fertilization applicators.  The final bonus we offer is an end of year bonus, which is one percent of the net revenue the company generates in a given year, per employee.

In the off season when things slow down, we have one to two days a month in which we conduct either a team building event or professional growth event.  A team building event consists of going fishing, kayaking, to a local event, or some other way for our employees to bond outside of work.  And yes, these are paid work days!  Our professional growth events are days in which we teach our employees new skills or discuss information relevant to becoming successful entrepreneur's/leader's.  We want our employees to remain with us for as long as they desire but at the same time want to instill in them the knowledge to be successful in any future endeavor they may choose to pursue.

We offer eleven paid holidays per year (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, the week of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas), and five days of paid time off per year once you have been with our company for three months.  With a total of sixteen days, we may be the only lawn care provider in the area that provides that many days of paid time off to our employees.  We also offer a 401(K) plan that matches 100% up to 3% and 50% of 4-5%, which will help you in meeting your retirement goals.

If this sounds like a company you'd like to work with, feel free to click the estimate button and send us an email with your qualifications and why you believe you would be an asset to our company.  If we don't have any open positions at the time we will keep your information on file for any future openings.   

Positions and Pay Ranges (hourly rate does NOT include monthly performance or year end bonuses)

Application Technician - $20/hr-$26/hr ($41,600-$54080/yr)

Crew Leader - $18/hr-$24/hr ($37,440-$49,920/yr)

Assistant Crew Leader - $16/hr-$22/hr ($33,280-$45,760/yr)

Future Positions as we continue our growth, starting at:

Operations Manager - $65,000/yr

Site Lead - $56,000/yr

Estimator - $18/hr - $24/hr ($37,440-$49,920/yr)

Crew Member (Floater) - $14/hr-$18/hr ($29,120-$37,440/yr)

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