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Want some easy money!

We wanted to discuss our referral program with everyone. We have two referral programs in which our current clients receive either account credits or discounts up to twelve months.

The first is an account credit program. This program provides a $25 account credit for each referred new client that signs up for our weed control and fertilization program. There is no limit on the amount of referrals or credits in this program.

The second is our discount program which has two tiers. The first tier is our service area tier. Referrals for new clients in our service area provide the referring client with a 5% discount for up to twelve months provided the referred clients account remains in good standing.

The second tier is called the referred neighbor discount, which is 10% and requires we be able to service both your property and the referred clients property without moving our maintenance vehicle, The conditions for this discount mirror the first tier above.

Total discounts cannot exceed 10% in any twelve month period. If you are already receiving a discount, we provide a $100 account credit for any new clients you refer that sign an agreement for any gold or higher maintenance package. There is no limit to this account credit and credits are given for as many referrals as you provide that sign up for the required plan.

Referred clients must mention current clients during the estimate process.

If you have any questions, let us know. We truly appreciate any referrals our clients provide, as your confidence in our service offers huge weight on new clients decisions to use our services.

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Doug Weiss
Doug Weiss
Apr 15

How do I know what route I'm on?

Jason Boorn
Jason Boorn
Apr 15
Replying to


We only assign routes to our recurring maintenance clients. We still send emails prior to each treatment due to the irregularity of a treatment plan schedule.


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