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Poa Annua Prevention

Poa annua is a nasty booger that many in our area have a healthy distaste for, and for good reason. It's an eyesore in lawns and very difficult to cut unless you plan on scalping your lawn through spring.

So, how do you prevent it? Applying a fall preemergent before soil temperatures drop below 70 degrees is your best course of action. There are several preemergents that work but Specticle Flo is the best option for poa annua prevention.

If you don't get the preemergent down in time there are post emergent treatments that work but they take time and the plant, even when dead, will still remain an eyesore in your lawn until it has fully decomposed or your lawn grows over the dead plant.

Feel free to give is a call if you're interested in starting a lawn treatment program with us but keep in mind, once soil temperatures drop below 70 degrees, premergents become less effective due to germination already beginning. We recommend getting the preemergent down no later than early October for best results.

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