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How to Avoid Drought Stress on Your Lawn

Many sources will provide several options for a watering program. At Easy Button Lawn Service, we believe the best watering program is one that encourages deep root growth. This allows your turf stand access to water even in times of drought which will reduce yellowing and early seed head development. As many of you know with the heat we have here in the CSRA, it doesn't take many days without rain to start having effects on your turf. This is more apparent when the root system of your turf stand is shallow due to short, daily watering. Deep watering of half an inch of water per zone two to three times a week will do wonders in preventing yellowing of turf and early seed head development. This generally equates to 35-40 minutes per zone but you can use a rain gauge to determine the appropriate amount of time required for half an inch per zone. The goal is to provide 1.5 inches of water per week so feel free to offset your watering schedule based on the amount of rain you get. As a bonus, without daily moisture on your lawn, it will become less suitable for yellow nutsedge development. Two birds, one stone!!

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