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Fall Pre-emergent Time is Coming!

We begin our fall pre-emergent applications at the end of August We use a split application process and our goal is to have every lawn treated no later than 1 October. We want to get the first of two applications down before soil temperatures fall to 70 degrees, which is when poa annua begins to germinate. Our second application is done 4-6 weeks later. We us the split application method because we believe it provides longer lasting results versus one large application at the beginning of fall or spring.

This is a great time to start a weed control and fertilization program so whether you are debating using our service, or using products from a big box store, the key is to get your pre-emergent down prior to germination of poa annua. In our opinion, poa annua is the worst of the cool-season weeds and preventing it is key to having a weed free lawn over the winter and into early spring.

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