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End of Year!

Now is the time to sign up for weed control and fertilization as the last Fall preemergent and first Spring preemergent treatments are the only things standing between you and a weedy lawn next Spring.

Also, unless you had rye overseeded in your lawn or have beds that require watering, turning off your irrigation not only saves money, but helps prevent fungal issues that may not show up until early in the Spring. Fungal problems can be expensive to treat and are an eyesore when they appear in your lawn. Dormant lawns aren't able to remove water like they do when actively growing so any excess water simply sits on your lawn until it can naturally drain away. That may take some time since many lawns here are primarily clay.

Finally, if you have any projects in mind, this is a great time of year to get them done! We provide discounts from now until early February to all of our tiered clients as well as our weed control and fertilization clients.

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