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Deep Infrequent Watering

Why do we recommend deep, infrequent watering? There are a couple reasons but both are due to the benefit your lawn receives.

First, deep watering encourages deep root growth. This ensures your turf stand has better access to water during times of drought, rather than struggling due to a shallow root system. Even when watering daily for short periods in the summer, much of that water is unused due to how quickly the top layer of soil dries out in the summer.

The second is cultural weed prevention. Weeds such as yellow nutsedge (perennial) and doveweed (late germinating annual) prefer moist soils. Watering daily ensures soil stays moist more often, encouraging growth of these plants. By watering deeply, once or twice per week, the top layer of soil dried out discouraging growth of sedges and doveweed.

If you would like an estimate for lawn maintenance or weed control and fertilization , feel free to call us at 706-941-6600.

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